Author of Switching Teams: What Coming Out Later in Life Taught Me About Love, Conquering Fear, and Accepting Change and new release Moving Through…Lessons in Grief, Love, Courage, and Making Peace with the Past.

peaceAn important part of moving through life is the ability to embrace authenticity and identify the roadblocks which prevent peace and joy from flourishing. The preliminary laundry list of things which squash and impede us from accepting ourselves wholly is lengthy. Emotional or physical trauma, low self-esteem, fear, religion, unhealthy relationships, addiction, or societal expectations are a few of the more prevalent players.

Moving Through sheds light on the reasons why authenticity gets stifled early in life and offers hope to those who are struggling with filtering messages from the past, dealing with mental health issues, embracing self-care, building confidence, practicing mindfulness, learning boundaries, and fostering healthy relationships.

Dawn Elizabeth Waters provides wisdom and encouragement about how to address long standing personal baggage and how to begin the process of examining accumulated layers of anxiety, fear, doubt, self-blame, self-loathing, anger, depression, perfectionism, and regret which prevents peace from flourishing. Self-reflection often brings to light difficult truths and challenges, but the insights gained are the most powerful way to reinforce the idea that every human is inherently worthy of great things and is not defined by the past.

There is an alternative approach to white knuckling life and learning to view bumps as opportunities instead of roadblocks is the goal. Negative bias and negative self-talk blocks impartiality and affects how we view the world, others, and most importantly ourselves. Despite adversity, avenues exist to begin changing the thinking that influences unhealthy behaviors and patterns of dysfunction in life.

Moving Through is a story about navigating through pain, disappointment, grief/loss, guilt, and trauma but is also a lesson about how mindfulness begins the process of letting go of fear and creating a healthier lifestyle. Choosing to move forward is a commitment to do the hard work of healing the spirit and to begin making decisions and setting goals which support personal wellness above all else.

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