Switching Teams Memoir

Switching Teams is a memoir about change and the transforming journey of inner peace and freedom that happens when choosing to live an authentic life. This is not only a book about coming out of the closet, but much more. It is the story of a woman who decided to be fearless and stand in the newly discovered truth that she was a lesbian. Dawn’s comfortable existence as a stay-at-home wife and mother of three disappeared soon after she came out as a lesbian. Switching Teams tells the story of Dawn’s new found awakening and the reactions of friends and loved ones as they came to terms with her determination to live an authentic life, no matter what the cost. Throughout her journey, Dawn experienced profound sadness and grief but also true peace and joy, thanks to the love of her life and unexpected support from those who mattered most.

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Switching Teams Journey

The writing process was exciting and challenging on many levels. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the support I have received from many who have experienced a similar situation in their lives.

In 2011, I began what would be one of the most difficult yet liberating experiences of my life. I was a married, stay at home mother of three when I realized I was not living authentically. My book documents how life looked, felt, and changed after I came out as a lesbian at 39.

Dealing with change is something that we can all relate to regardless of our gender, race, creed, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. When my life changed, so did the lives of my family and friends. What happened to me, happened to us all.

As a way to process the changes in my life, I started a blog called The View from Inside Out. My intention was to inspire people to be more peaceful, gentle, and tolerant of our differences, and to remind people that love and kindness never fail. There were many who read the blog and encouraged me to write about my experience and I owe them debt of gratitude for helping me to be fearless.


Moving Through, Dawn’s most recent Book Release

Dawn has authored a second new book,  released in Sept 2019, titled: “Moving Through“….Moving Through is an extension of her “Switching Teams” journey where Dawn describes her unique experience in moving through, or moving forward, with life after experiencing the loss and grief of her wife, Yvette. This experience and other life events took her on a journey of self-introspection, and ultimately a deeper look into life’s struggles which culminated into the self-help book of personal transformation, “Moving Through“….This book is not only her personal story, but one that provides value to anyone looking for self-help books, books about personal growth and transformation, books about grief and loss, books about anxiety, books about self awareness, and books for women (and men). It is a must read book for anyone who is looking for more information about personal struggles and growth.