Love Wins For Some

Love Wins
October 7, 2013

My first phone call of the day was from a buyer who I have been working with for months. I did not hear my phone ring, but she left a voicemail. Closing is drawing near and phone calls at this point make me a little nervous. As I listened to the message, I teared up. “Hey girl…you need to turn on the news. The Supreme Court just ruled that marriage for gays is the law of the land baby!” That was it. And it was the most unexpected and joyous way that I could have imagined hearing this news. Her excitement was heartfelt, sincere and she sounded like a kid who just got a new gaming system at Christmas as she spoke.

Love wins! I shared the news with my wife and was met on the stairs by one of my sons who was literally doing a happy dance and grinning from ear to hear after he got word on social media about the decision. We all high fived and had a lovely moment enjoying what this ruling meant for so many LGBT people in this country. The implications of today’s Supreme Court ruling is favorable if you are a same sex couple who is already married or wish to be married in the future. It is a victory for those who are straight allies and believe that all adults should be able to choose who they marry, regardless of sexual orientation. This decision is final.

There is no better feeling than watching something that has been in the works for a long time become final. Those moments are some of the best opportunities we have in life to feel peace. Personally, I am not a fan of situations that are up in the air. It stresses me out. I prefer to know something, for sure, regardless of whether or not things turn out how I would hope. As a real estate agent, the only time I feel like a deal is done is when I am walking out of a closing office with a check in my hand.

There are so many variables, personalities and unforeseen problems that can crop up throughout the course of a transaction that I feel like each closing is a miracle. Today alone, a seller backed out of a contract and a buyer told me that they found a “for sale by owner” to purchase on their own. Such is the nature of the world of real estate. I have a few other contracts that are set to close next month, but anything can happen.

Today’s ruling reinforced the idea that anything can happen when all the pieces come together. There have been many who have fought long and hard for marriage equality. The determination of these individuals to fight for justice for all should be applauded and commended. Their efforts made this historic day possible. Unfortunately, there are still those who are not at all pleased with this ruling.

The celebration in our household was interrupted when I decided to turn on the television to see the coverage. I was reminded of those who are disappointed, outraged and offended by this decision. I was reminded than there are those who believe this to be the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. The ruling may be final, but the fight is not yet over. This ruling will amplify the claims of those who believe that same sex marriage is a violation of religious freedom.

My hope is that as time goes on the focus will be less on talking points for the next election and more focused on the fact that love is love. My hope is that the fears of those who oppose this ruling will lessen and we will all learn to respect one another regardless of religious beliefs. I pray that those who most vehemently oppose this will refer to history and realize that the definition of marriage has evolved from women being the property of their husbands to equal rights for all. I also hope that there will be an increased willingness to understand that religious freedom does not mean forcing others to live in accordance with their religious beliefs or practices.

Love won today. What tomorrow looks like is up to each of us to decide. There is plenty of room for every one of us, regardless of our faith, sexual orientation or race, to live together in peace.