Here We Go!

7167f59177665e423c871d9bc4a5c252The beginning stages of my creative process is usually messy and all over the place. My wife can attest to this. When inspiration strikes my preferred method includes thinking, a lot of thinking, followed by endless ideas that may or not be feasible or grounded in reality.

When the light bulb goes off, my brain operates more like a waterfall than a slow babbling brook. My racing mind is not a fan of focusing on the little details as I am racing toward the big picture vision I have for whatever I am doing.

However, not this time. I have been a photographer for many years and creating Braving Life Photography is the among the most exciting things I have done in my career. A

fter the PULSE tragedy, I searched for a way to use my photography to capture the courage and strength of those in the community who may be fighting illness, discrimination, or hatred.

My goal is not to focus on the tragic circumstances, but to remind people that they are so much more than their disease, label, or circumstance. The goal of each photo session is to portray the spirit within each of us that remains even when bad things happen.

I am honored and blessed to know so many strong, brave, and amazing people in the Orlando area. I am inspired by each and every one of them and feel like offering my services for portrait sessions at no cost is one way I can achieve my goal of giving something back.

In order to get the ball rolling, I will partner with various non-profit organizations in the Metro Orlando area who will refer recipients for the program.  The goal of each session is to do something unique and that captures their spirit and energy. There are no rules. The recipient will decide what to wear and where the session will take place.

For now, I am focusing on those who are fighting cancer and cancer survivors, PULSE victims, homeless LGBTQ youth, and the transgender community. In order to receive the no cost service, the recipient must be referred by a partner organization. Information about becoming a partner can be found on the Braving Life Photography website.

I have already had requests from those who are not affiliated with partner organizations and would be happy to book sessions, however they are not eligible for the no cost program. For these individuals I am offering discounted session fees. Please download the brochure located on the home page for more details.

This blog is a way for me to share the love for each person I photograph. My posts will be an extension of my goal to celebrate every person who allows me the privilege of photographing them. I hope you will spread the word and follow them on their journey.