Rest in Peace Yvette

It is with great sadness I am posting what follows. Yvette began the Braving Life Photography Project one month before her own diagnosis with breast cancer. Her vision and inspiration for this project came about because of her great love for people. Capturing the spirit of the person and not the disease was her only goal.

As is often said, life sometimes imitates art. After a trip to the emergency room on November 18 for suspected gall bladder issues, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer which traveled to her liver, bones, and abdomen. She passed away on November 26, 2017.

There are few words which can express the depth of the loss we are all feeling after this shocking and speedy turn of events. Actually, no words. Our family is grateful for the love and support which has been showered upon us and will spend everyday missing her and making choices which will honor her memory and continue to keep her alive in our hearts.

Her obituary follows. Feel free to share.

Yvette Waters ObituaryYvette Waters was a joy and a gift. She was a strong, hilarious, gentle soul, with a foul-mouth and a sharp wit. She was a devoted wife and family member, an accomplished artist, brave warrior, and crusader for justice.

Those lucky enough to know her creative and fierce spirit know how much she loved dreaming, hoping, and looking for the beauty everywhere. The lens she viewed the world through is forever preserved in her art and photography and will serve as an inspiration and source of comfort in the difficult days ahead.

She was profoundly loved because she loved so profoundly and her kindness and generosity with her time, talent, and resources was limitless.

She is survived by her wife, Dawn Waters, her sisters Christine Hinton and Kristi McCardell, and sons, Murphy, Shane, and Andrew Sweeney and Richard SanFilippo.

Her last wishes were simple. Love each other more and absolutely no funeral. Her exact words were “I want a ****** party and everyone to dance.” As such, the celebration of her life will take place December 17, 2017 from 2-4 pm at The Venue, 511 Virginia Ave Orlando FL 32803.

Memorial donations may be made to The Barber Fund (P.O. Box 536118, Orlando, FL 32853-6118) or Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation (112 Annie Street, Orlando, FL 32806).




  1. Dawn, the legacy she started will live on thru you, the memories will remain. So much love and support to you.

  2. I never knew Yvette, but through Dawn Waters posts, felt I had a little inkling of what an incredible person she was. My heartfelt sympathies and hopes for peace and comfort to her entire family.

  3. we are so sorry for y’alls loss. our thoughts and prayers are with y’all during this difficult time. God bless.

  4. What a beautiful soul.. may you Rest In Peace. I pray for strength for your sons, wife and family..
    Dawn.. as you’ve said, there are no words. You have bought inspiration to so many people by sharing your love story.. I pray for you in this most difficult time..

  5. I’ve never meet Yvette or her wife Dawn, after reading
    Switching Teams I became connected. I WILL do as Yvette asked and love more, live more and just plain be ME, and I’ve been told I have A foul mouth so now I can truly say I’m connected to her!! Dawn the love you have showed all of us for Yvette, many can only wish for. I have that love and will never take it for granted. I’m sorry for your loss as well as the boys. May you fly again, that is what Yvette would want. Patty from WI

  6. Take one day at a time living with her beautiful spirit in mind and heart! She will always be a part of you and your world. Cherish her memories and the life you shared. No one can take that from you!

  7. Lord I couldn’t even imagine the heartbreak and tears you all must be sharing. But sounds like Yvette was the most stunning of characters, I’m so blessed to be a part of your website. It has a grown a deeper love in my home in the midst of this sadness. I believe she is dancing with our Lord our God. The prince of Peace as they send Good vibes and aww inspiring love to be overflowing from your hearts in the years to come. Lord I ask you to over abundantly fill this family with love Grace and mercy everyday of their lives so they can find the true nature of beautiful memories. Please allow them to feel her presence daily as a daily reminder of the strength they will need to go on freely loving all around them. And Lord i ask you to wrap this home with the many blessings as they continue to grow in love as the family that was lovingly created by your hands. God bless you all. In Jesus name I send my prayers to lift you up in your time of need. And “Party on and make that joyful noise. Rest in peace Sweet child. Amen.

  8. I was lucky enough to meet Yvette at The Venue as we both had a passion for photography and life. Little did we know we shared so much in common from childhood abuse to both being diagnosed with cancer in 2016. We both used photography as an outlet for our creative side. Yvette also got me to pose in front of the camera as part of her Survivor series. This now means so much more to me.
    I considered Yvette a good friend somebody I admired as a photographer, wife and mother and most of all someone of great passion and a fighter to the end. I still find it hard to think that I shall never share another laugh, get another hug, hold that hand again. I was again privileged to be able to say goodbye twice in her final week. I’m glad she is no longer in pain and suffering but she will be missed many she touched. It will be an honor to join your family and friends and dance at The Venue the place we first met. One Love

  9. This wasn’t a LOVE story that started out with ” Once Upon a Time” or a proposal by the Eiffel Tower, it was a real LOVE story with unconditional LOVE, determination and many everyday life hurtles that you both made look so easy. This is a real LOVE story, a beautiful LOVE story, my favorite LOVE story. Thank you for sharing with so many of us. So much LOVE to Yvette, Dawn, Christine, Murphy, Shane and Andrew. Xoxo

  10. Yvette was always Sweet and down to earth. I’m sorry that I lost touch with her. She was one of the first special people I met when I moved to central Florida. She was very talented. I could see her saying to have a ……. party. Gone too soon!

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