Gay Brunch Awaits

Late in Life LesbiansSo far, we have not had much success locating, let alone defining this gay lifestyle we have chosen to live. Since our afternoon trip to Walmart yielded zero results we focus our efforts on looking around home for some tell tale signs we may have been blind to. The running water did not help clarify anything or give us any new clues about whether or not we are properly living the lifestyle. Does owning Fiesta ware with rainbow handles count? Or maybe wearing a shirt that includes a rainbow? Could be. How about making a grocery list that includes items for our “gay brunch?” Are corn flakes and milk typically served?

Maybe a trip to the local state park will help us figure out what we are doing wrong and what we may be missing. The search continues…


Gay BrunchFrom the Urban Dictionary:
“BGB” for short, this is a phenomenon which occurs generally on Sundays but may happen on a Saturday. It starts with the idea of cooking brunch, but balloons out of control with a mini-party of anywhere between 5-15 people in the kitchen cooking, blasting music and dancing. The actual food itself becomes a distraction as it’s more important to be in the dance cage at this point drinking straight from the champagne bottle that was originally meant for classy mimosas. Most people call out of work the next day.
“Hey Chip, you heading over to Big Gay Brunch”? “Oh HELL no. Last week I didn’t make it into work until Wednesday”

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